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6-12 months

We believe your baby needs as much love, care and attention as they get at home, which is why we have only one member of staff per three babies in our nursery. This allows us to follow the individual routine you have for your baby from the very first day. Our nursery is spacious and well-equipped, temperature controlled to ensure your baby is healthy and comfortable, with plenty of space for supervised tummy time, crawling, exploration and play. We also have a dedicated sleep area with suitable lighting and shades, to ensure your baby gets the sleep they need throughout the day according to your routine. We provide updates all through the day via our childcare software system, which is available through an app on your smartphone.


1-2 years

As babies get bigger, they really thrive in rooms where they get plenty of playtime with stimulating activities to fuel their curiosity. At Page One, our wobbler room is staffed by experienced carers who introduce growing wobblers to sensory activities including painting, play dough, making music and messy play. We also have a large and safe outdoor space for our wobblers to explore their surroundings under constant supervision. A sensory sleep room allows your wobbler get as much rest as they need, according to their individual routine.


2-3 years

Toddlers are energetic and enthusiastic, and benefit from learning through play. Our toddler room is staffed by talented carers with experience in both Aistear and Siolta. Using these renowned early educational frameworks, we introduce more structure into the day, introducing your growing child to activities that build their motor skills, such as painting, dancing and messy play. Independent thinking and working with a team are also encouraged in activities, to help build social skills.


3-5 years

The pre-school years have been shown to be crucial for your child’s development. We have chosen the highly regarded holistic Montessori method for our pre-school classes, as this fosters individual thinking and encourages empathy and a love of learning. Our curriculum covers language, maths and science, along with sensory play, arts and crafts, outdoor free play and music. Our rooms are spacious, airy and packed with sensory toys, puzzles, books and other items to encourage your child’s individual interests. Our experienced staff will also keep you up to date with your child’s learning at all time through their time at Page One, and prepare them for the transition to “big school”.

after school

5-12 years

Page One offers after-school care for children in primary school, ensuring they receive the care they need after a busy school day or during holidays. Our dedicated after-school staff offer supervised homework time, as well as plenty of activities including outdoor sports, arts & crafts and indoor games. Our after-school rooms also contain plenty of toys for older children as well as books to stimulate their imaginations. A large outdoor space allows them to enjoy as much fresh air as possible. We also serve a range of healthy meals and snacks to ensure your growing child gets the nutrition they need after a busy day of learning.

intergenerational activities

mixed age

A popular method in Scandinavia, intergenerational activities are proven to have great benefits for both the old and the young. At Page One, we are proud to have a close relationship with Aperee Living Glanmire, arranging regular supervised and structured activities between Aperee residents and Page One children. These have proven to be a really popular and beneficial addition to our regular curriculum.

The advantages of intergenerational activities cannot be understated. They can help different age groups value one another, reducing ageism, breaking down stereotypes and increasing empathy. They also allow different generations share and teach skills – tradition and culture, innovations and technology. Most importantly, these activities bring generations together, at a time when older adults can feel isolated and detached from the world at large. In return, children benefit from the unconditional attention of a relationship with an older person, in terms of increased confidence and improved verbal and communication skills.

Aperee Living residents have much to teach the Page One children too. Not only are they a wonderful source of stories, traditions and culture, but they can also introduce the children to some valuable skills. For instance, many of our residents would still have a green thumb from time spent in their own gardens; we plan on having vegetable patches that will be collectively maintained, teaching the next generation about where our food comes from, the importance of ecosystems and looking after the environment.